New Orleans art gallery exhibition of neon sculpture and neon art installations including modern contemporary artwork, sconces and neon clocks
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Ron Von Stuck

Artist's Statement

If there has been one constant in my life it has been an overwhelming need to be creative. As long as I can remember I have pushed my creative ability as far as possible given the existing situation and limitations, often times to the irritation of my family and friends. Over the years I have acquired skills and techniques in working with a wide variety of materials: wood, metal, ceramics and fiberglass are a few of my favorites. For the past ten years I have taught myself the art of neon glass. I strongly believe that my self education in this field has given me a creative advantage over formally trained neon artisans. This belief has been re-enforced by being recognized in the 2002 and 2003 National Electric Sign and Neon competition sponsored by Signs of the Times magazine, the country's largest commercial sign and neon publication.

Currently I head the glass department at Cal Neon Signs in San Jose, California, a large commercial electric sign manufacturer. In addition to generating my own art I oversee the production of the neon department and help fulfill the creative design needs of their clients. In my neon sculpture I try to combine different materials to obtain a more organic and ethereal effect than those obtained with traditional neon techniques. For the most part the source of my inspiration is the glass itself. The vast quantity of glass I handle for Cal Neon and my own incessant experimentation has given me the ability to coax forms from the glass that are both unique and compelling. I find nothing more satisfying than pushing the limits of my skill and those of the glass to discover another technique and effect.


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