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Venusian Swamp Lotus Series

Venusian Swamp Lotus (001)
(with Marsh Hillock base)
aluminum, blown glass, neon

The Venusian Swamp Lotus Series is a continuation of a style first developed with the Jellyfish, then in the "Venusian Swamp Flowers" and "Venusian Clamora" series. These series of works explore a fantasy world of Venusian flora and fauna. Notable about these sculptures are the intricate single-end neon tubes seen emerging from the hand-blown glass vessels. The neon tubes are mounted with a wireless connection and are easily removed for shipping.

As exemplified below, the Swamp Lotus sculptures may stand alone independently mounted on a variety of bases or as part of a Garden installation.

Swamp Lotus (001)
Marsh Hillock base

Swamp Lotus (002)
large pod base

Swamp Lotus
part of Marsh Garden 1+2

Swamp Lotus neon elements

The Venusian World:


sculptures from the Venusian World

sculpture components

sculpture assembly


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